Viewing Parties & Events

Why not share the YMB Summit Experience?

We know that an online event is not quite the same as an in-person event, but if you can do so safely where you are, why not enhance the occasion by organising a YMB Summit viewing party?

Whether you watch and interact with friends, family, school group, local aquarium, museum, scout group, or any other group, let us know and we might even give you a shout-out live!

Top 9 Tips for Organising a Great YMB Summit Viewing Party!

1. Check Your Tech

Make Sure you have the right equipment to stream the event.

2. Stay Safe

Don’t take any risks and don’t break the law.

Make sure that everyone is able to take breaks and move around in between sessions. Ensure there are drinks and food available or that people bring their own. Ensure that there are adequate toilet and hand washing facilities at your venue. Make sure any minors are appropriately supervised and have permission to take part. Covid 19 guidance and the level of risk is different around the world. Foremost, follow the most up-to-date guidance available where you are and carefully consider any risks. 

3. Dress to Impress

Think about a fancy dress theme & how you decorate your venue.

Use your imaginations, explore the ‘ocean predators’ and ‘marine biology’ themes. Consider a fancy dress competition and making decorations for your venue. We would love to see pictures, so share them to social media with #ymbsummit2022. We may even share some of the best ones live!

4. Pick your best questions

Why not pick the best questions as a group to ask our speakers?

Use the Q&A function to share these questions – you can also share you answers to and upvote other people’s questions. You can also submit questions in advance when registering or following the instructions when you register. For polls, do a quick vote to make sure you capture the majority of your group. If individuals in your party would like to log in individually to interact, that is also fine – as long as your internet connection can handle it!

5. Give your party a name

Pick a short, catchy name & rename your Zoom presence.

When you are signed into Zoom, you can easily change your name to represent your group for shout-outs and question sharing.

6. Get the right age range

Think about who you invite to your party.

The event is aimed at 12 -18 year olds, but should have plenty of interest for all ages. Younger participants may need other activities to maintain interest & additional supervision.

Also be aware that presentations may contain images of animal injury and internal anatomy that some younger participants may find upsetting.

7. Check the times

The Event will be live between 10:00 am and 16:00 UK TIME.

Depending on where you are in the world, this may mean a late night/ early morning, so make sure all of you guests are aware. If watching and interacting live aren’t an option, why not watch one of the live streams from the beginning and invite an expert along to answer any questions in person. You can tell us in advance that you will be joining us and we will try to include a shout out for your group – you can also share your group’s best questions in advance and post them on your behalf for our speakers!

8. Build on the summit

Organise other activities around the summit.

The opportunities are limitless, but you could: invite additional live, local speakers; organise a poster session; include a themed science fair; organise local field trip or aquarium visit; develop a programme of school work around the event; use the event to launch work on a scouting or guiding badge. Let us know if you have any other ideas!

9. Shout about it!

Share pictures and videos and tell the world what you are doing!

Use #ymbsummit2021 on social media to share any pictures or stories about what you are doing or plan to do and inspire others! (making sure you have permission from anyone in the images to share of course)

Not yet a member of the MBA?

You don’t need to be a member to take part in the summit, but we would love you to consider joining! Becoming part of the marine biological community and support our mission to understand and protect life in our ocean.